Love Bead Safe Harbor Pin Project: Moving Forward

Love Bead Safe Harbor Pin set honoring “girl geeks” and “maker mamas!”

The big push is done (the large-scale pin giveaways) after three cities, but LBSHPP is far from over.  Here’s what’s in the works (so far):

  • A free workshop at a charity in Sacramento. Date and time TBA, but probably in July;
  • Pins for Progress, a fundraiser. We’ll be offering sets of pins in our Etsy shop (which is under construction right now). You can buy a set of pins *and* make a donation to charity! Each pin set will be $10, with 25% being split between Opening Doors, a charity helping refugees resettle in their new homes, and Mustard Seed School, helping kids from homeless families. One note — we can ship up to 8 sets in one envelope for one shipping price ($5 in the USA, message for the shipping rates outside the US) and more in a box (message for shipping rate). Date TBA, but within the next few weeks;
  • A video showing how to make your own set of pins. Date TBA, probably by the end of the summer;
  • We’ll continue to carry a few sets with us, so if you meet us, ask for a set of pins!

In the first phase of the project, we gave away over 1,000 pins (wow… it became larger than I ever expected), but the project was largely self-funded, so we had to look at how we could continue. This way, we can keep helping others and spreading the word!

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