Painting: Face To Face help with my investments blog a short essay about environment follow url blue team homework acetamidine synthesis essay presentation speech about education stem cell research papers essays essay drought famines fast shipping levitra best school essay ghostwriting websites usa vente viagra au luxembourg samples of lab reports best essays ghostwriter services for school english new year essay in tamil see a reflective essay based on literary work should be clean body image advertising essay thesis lisinopril tablets here watch forum levitra link message online optional post url assignment writing service in london narrative analysis thesis example I love drawing and painting for a different take on subjects. My paintings are gently confrontational, not harsh, but direct.

Right now I have two series going, “Meet The Neighbors” and “Profound Hounds.” The first is about endangered species, and what we lose when one is gone. The second is a fun series about dogs, the funny, surprisingly deep, wonderful personalities we share our lives with.

When we lose a species, we lose a neighbor.

When we lose a species, we lose a neighbor.

Meet The Neighbors: Cross River Gorilla shows a male Cross River Gorilla. There are only a few left. When we lose them, we lose individuals, perhaps not people as we usually use that term, but personalities who love, fear, enjoy, and mourn. Here he looks out at the viewer and asks what we are willing to do to save him.

A Profound Hounds painting, "Pugly Is Beautiful," by Joey Jones, IdeaJones

A Profound Hounds painting, “Pugly Is Beautiful,” by Joey Jones, IdeaJones

Profound Hounds: Pugly Is Beautiful. There’s something so dignified about this little guy. Dogs may be the first anthropologists, always watching us. And conventional wisdom calls some of us beautiful and others ugly, but Pugly knows who he is, and he knows he’s beautiful.

Pugly is available against a variety of backgrounds in our shop (just search for “ideajones” at the zazzle site), including gift wrap.

Here are some of the other Profound Hounds (so far):

From our Profound Hounds series, "You Drop Something?" by Joey Jones,

From our Profound Hounds series, “You Drop Something?” by Joey Jones,

From time to time, we also create larger works. This is a detail from an 8-foot market umbrella, sold at auction to raise funds for a park district:

Detail from a painted market umbrella.

Detail from a painted market umbrella.


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