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Based in California, we’re available world-wide by electronic means (ain’t technology wonderful?), and aren’t averse to a little travel, if necessary.

Why work with us? We’re good, and do what we say we will do.  If you enjoy working with prima donnas, we can do an imitation – but it gives us heartburn, so it does cost extra.


Some other sites we like:

Poet and educator Kate Asche loves to help others learn, explore, and develop their writing chops. We ran into her at the California Writers Club, where she demonstrated her passion for the written word (and a great sense of humor).

Award-winning playwright/poet David-Matthew Barnes is known for strong contemporary female and gay characters and dialogue. David also teaches and is starting to work in film (he’s an over-achiever).

Writer/director Stephen Peithman hosted the weekly Broadway music radio program Musical Stages on KXPR from 1984-2008.  In 2009, he began an occasional, limited series on KXPR,  Connections, exploring the connections between classical composers or themes. In 2012, Connections became a regular weekly program on Capital Public Radio’s music station.

Prime Collective is a group of really stellar photographers, including Max Whittaker, who travel the world getting some of the best images around.

If you just heard (or received in an email) something outrageous, and don’t know if it’s true, can help you sort fact from fiction.

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