These screenplays are currently available:

Concord Way (drama) A woman’s death brings her eccentric daughters together for a funeral – and a bizarre mystery. *

Invulnerable (fantasy/action) In the near future, a fading salesman uses a war car to access top territory. When the battle gets personal, he’s forced into a strange new occupation. *

Mobius McGee (fantasy/coming of age) A dog, a boy, and his unusual family are our last hope. *

*These scripts certified by federal authorities to not be bombs**


Coming up:

Beyond the Gate (fantasy/action) JIMMY’S recurring nightmares interfere with his work as a Secret Service agent, but they’re his only clue to the whereabouts of a candidate’s abducted daughter. To rescue her, he must enlist the help of a strange couple he almost remembers, and follow them BEYOND THE GATE.

Anna Fantastic (fantasy/coming of age) Puberty’s bad enough, but now ANNA’s getting strange powers she has to master in time to save mankind.

How to Go Crazy (dramedy) DORRIE’s finding herself by losing her mind.

Parts (sci-fi/thriller) An ailing movie star signs up for the beauty treatment people are dying to get.

Repealed (drama) The Senator’s latest bill will revolutionize government, but he’ll have to call in many favors to get it passed.



MOBIUS McGEE (excerpt from) A screenplay by Joey and Mark Jones


Moby stops in front of THE LOOMIS MKT., a mom-and-pop store with hand-lettered signs in the window. One reads “SALE! Lettuce $5.00/lb.” Another reads “Apples 2/$4.00.”

Moby points to a shady spot, opening the door.


     Hero, wait here.

The dog nods before lying in a patch of shade, eyes on the door as Moby goes in.



The grocery store from a child’s-eye view. Shelves are towers of bright labels, shiny cans, stacks of irresistible things. The refrigerator case is stocked with gleaming cans of soda, evaporation swirling behind the spotless glass doors.



Moby stands transfixed before the refrigerator case. He basks in the condensation misting around him. Throat-clearing makes him jump. MR. LOOMIS frowns down at him.

             MR. LOOMIS

     You were waiting for inspiration, maybe?

     For angels to descend singing with a sign

     that reads “Moby, buy an orange Nehi!”

Moby hunches his shoulders uncomfortably. Mr. Loomis turns him to face the soda display.

             MR. LOOMIS (cont.)

     You can see them just as good with the doors

     closed – that’s why they’re made of glass.

     You pick one, you open the door, you take it

     out, you close the door. Okay?

Mr. Loomis taps the glass meaningfully, returns to his work. Staring into the case, Moby struggles to choose. He opens the door, grabs a can, turns to go.

Behind him, cans rearrange themselves, march, wriggle until their combined colors paint a landscape of green hills beneath a blue sky. In the background looms a mountain, a dark structure of jagged peaks.

Oblivious, Moby walks away without looking back.



The park is a patch of dying grass surrounded by parched bushes and limp trees. There is a large fountain, a sculpture of a phoenix perched over a dry basin. Moby drinks his soda, drawing with his free hand in the dust while Hero watches.


     Sometimes…you ever feel like, I dunno,

     like your life doesn’t fit anymore?

     Like it’s too small?

Hero rolls over, wagging his tail. Laughing, Moby pets him. He tosses a stick in the fountain; it sends up a splash of dust as he walks away. In the basin, dust ripples like water, drawing a picture of Emily. Her hand emerges from the picture, strains to reach after Moby, collapses back into dust.



Copyright © 1997 – 2017 Joey and Mark Jones


** A friend of ours was traveling, and the bag these scripts were in triggered the swab squad to check for potential explosives. The scripts (and the rest of our friend’s luggage) were found not to be bombs.


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