These screenplays are currently available:

Concord Way (drama) A woman’s death brings her eccentric daughters together for a funeral – and a bizarre mystery. *

Invulnerable (fantasy/action) In the near future, a fading salesman uses a war car to access top territory. When the battle gets personal, he’s forced into a strange new occupation. *

Hannah Fantastic (fantasy/coming of age) A dog, a girl, and her unusual family are our last hope. *

*These scripts certified by federal authorities to not be bombs**


Coming up:

Beyond the Gate (fantasy/action) Jimmy’s recurring nightmares interfere with his work as a Secret Service agent, but they’re his only clue to the whereabouts of a candidate’s abducted daughter. To rescue her, he must enlist the help of a strange couple he almost remembers, and follow them Beyond the Gate.

Magic Annie (fantasy/coming of age) Puberty’s bad enough, but now Annie’s getting strange powers she has to master in time to save mankind.

How to Go Crazy (dramedy) Dorrie’s finding herself by losing her mind.

Parts (sci-fi/thriller) An ailing movie star signs up for the beauty treatment people are dying to get.

Repealed (drama) The Senator’s latest bill will revolutionize government, but he’ll have to call in many favors to get it passed.




Copyright © 1997 – 2020 Joey and Mark Jones


** A friend of ours was traveling, and the bag these scripts were in triggered the swab squad to check for potential explosives. The scripts (and the rest of our friend’s luggage) were found not to be bombs.


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