Dogface is the first book in our Dogstar series, a sci-fi/fantasy novel where dogs have been genetically modified to help their humans settle new and alien planets.

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Grrimm sniffed at the wooden post. He had just missed Barbir and Mam by an hour or so. The burly cart dog’s scent smelled the same as usual – strong, and dense, just like Barbir himself, who seemed to be well, and happy.

Mam’s scent, however, was more complex. Oh, the herding dog’s scent read healthy, but there was also excitement, apprehension, and… yes, she would be coming into heat soon. Small wonder Barbir was keeping her close, when he could, but futile.

Grrimm sighed. The Pack would never approve such a mating. Soon the Pack Leader would tell her who would father her pups, and they would be kept apart from others until her heat ended. It was better for the Pack, and dog kind, but an atavistic part of the hound’s brain sighed for the good old days, when a male could mount any female he could catch and convince.

He left his own mark on the post. Grrimm was on active duty, and so dosed to prevent puppies, but it was important to add his information for others to read.

He checked on Keryn, still visible through the shop window. What humans saw in all those little bits of stuff they busied themselves with he didn’t know. So much of it was inedible, and not even much fun to play with. Those agile, busy hands of theirs always had to be fiddling with something. As a species, they found it difficult to relax. Still, those hands were very good at scratching, and rubbing, and opening food packets, and he had to admit that he liked many of them.

Vander, of course, he loved. Vander was his Partner. He even loved Keryn, he thought affectionately, watching her dicker with the counter clerk. He Who Led All Packs had laid a heavy burden on her, but her Partner, and her Pack, would see that she survived. If she didn’t, no one would.

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