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Don’t Bet Against Gravity (or) The Graduation Speech

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Conferences for Introverts: Big Events for People Who Like People In Small Doses

Often, extroverts (and there are far more of them than introverts, which makes sense — who is more likely to get out and find people to mate with?) think introverts don’t like people, or don’t like to go out.  They … Continue reading

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Chick Lit v. Women’s Fiction

I get it — human beings like labels (applied to others). It’s a natural function of the brain to categorize. It’s how we navigate the world. “That is similar enough to this so that I sort of know what to … Continue reading

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Gingeroo Jones and Rescue Drama

It’s been, as the Grateful Dead famously said, “a long, strange trip,” but in the end, a judge declared Ginger (aka Gingeroo The Wonder Pup) a permanent part of our pack. During the last few months, we’ve been tested, friendships … Continue reading

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