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Don’t Bet Against Gravity (or) The Graduation Speech

research in literature red viagra 200mg usa antibiotics overnight shipping phd thesis topics in banking cialis software piracy is selling viagra online legal elementary grade essay structure go to link possible sat essay questions essay why follow instructions professional ghostwriter viagra st maarten go concept map comparing essay cellular respiration internships resume sample computer science tasks for essay writing creative writing horror prompts annotated bibliography writers service online source essays myself as a writer go to link here cialis 20 mg yan etkisi tips for college students essays is viagra under pbs apa style dissertation template nicozid 100mg viagra To The Class of 2021… And All The Ones To Follow Dear Future Old People: I am honored to speak to you, at the request of absolutely nobody. The sight of your shiny blue faces, illuminated by your phone screens, … Continue reading

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Conferences for Introverts: Big Events for People Who Like People In Small Doses

Often, extroverts (and there are far more of them than introverts, which makes sense — who is more likely to get out and find people to mate with?) think introverts don’t like people, or don’t like to go out.  They … Continue reading

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Chick Lit v. Women’s Fiction

I get it — human beings like labels (applied to others). It’s a natural function of the brain to categorize. It’s how we navigate the world. “That is similar enough to this so that I sort of know what to … Continue reading

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Gingeroo Jones and Rescue Drama

It’s been, as the Grateful Dead famously said, “a long, strange trip,” but in the end, a judge declared Ginger (aka Gingeroo The Wonder Pup) a permanent part of our pack. During the last few months, we’ve been tested, friendships … Continue reading

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