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Joey Jones is the published author and editor of many newspaper and magazine articles, radio stories, advertisements and commentaries, and has ghostwritten everything from speeches to love letters. She is a past Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting semifinalist and Fade In: Screenwriting Awards quarterfinalist. She also gathers sound and conducts interviews as a freelance field producer in the Sacramento area, and her on-air performance as “The Dying Fish” can be heard in the Water Education commercial series.

Mark Jones makes a living producing radio shows (check out Connections on Capital Public Radio’s Music Station). As Martin Jenkins, he’s heard weekday evenings on CapRadio News, and Sunday mornings on 91.3FM KUOP Stockton/Modesto. Mark has also sung, acted and directed local theater and TV.


We’re about the story. Whether it’s the facts and figures of nonfiction, or the deeper truth of fiction, we want to find just the right words, sounds, and/or images to get it across.

We’re also about the process. “Do the work right, and on time.” Life’s too short to make things harder than they have to be.


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Challenge Met!

Last month, I challenged myself to create a new post here every day in June. I’m happy to report the challenge has been met.

I’m not sure all those posts have done much good. Did people see them? (The bots did, because there was a definite uptick in spam messages coming in to the site this past month.) Did people actually go to one of the art shows, or the CapRadio record sale? Did you at least consider some of the points I made (whether you agreed or not)?

Now that July is upon us, I’m not going to worry about posting each day. I might, but probably won’t. If the book (BOATS/RATS) is ever to be finished, we need to spend more time editing that than web posts. (I suppose I really should quit playing Candy Crush for a while, too.)

While I may post more musings or news here, I more want to have an update on the RATS page, or the ART page. Wish me luck! I will now quit congratulating myself on meeting the challenge, and get back to writing more substantive things.

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Pack Mentality

If you’re familiar with the phrase “pack mentality,” you probably think first of its negative connotation. But pack can be a very good thing. Pack can be family, a support system, a group working toward a common goal. To that end, this article:

On Saturday, July 5 at 10:30am, local members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club will make a special appearance at Nevada Humane Society—hand delivering three-thousand pounds of pet food to help the homeless pets. The delivery will take place at Nevada Humane Society, located at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno. A parade of motorcycles will precede the trucks holding the donations.

I suppose you could think of this as a pack to pack delivery. I just thought it was an uplifting article, and wanted to share it with you. The Nevada Humane Society shelter in Reno is a no-kill facility, so animals  that go there have a good shot at finding their “forever home.”


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Day of Rest

Sunday has always been our “day of rest.” Christian upbringing and all – “…and on the seventh day…” So why does it seem that we don’t get much rest?

These days, Sundays are more like “hurry up and finish these projects and get the house cleaned up, the work week starts tomorrow and I’m not ready.”

Today I actually took a little time off. Watched 10 minutes of the end of the episode of “Orange Is the New Black” I started watching last week. I intended to binge view the season, but I can’t find the time.

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Play Date

Our dogs don’t get out as much as they’d like. We get busy, and their trips to the park get pushed off again.

We have a large yard, so they can get up some pretty decent speed just running from one side to the other, talking with the neighbor dogs and keeping the area free of squirrels and vermin, but dogs like a change of pace as much as their humans do.

One solution to puppy boredom and inactivity is the play date. Having friends’ dogs come in to play with our guys lets them have a chance to run and wrestle (you want to make those first visits closely supervised to make sure everyone gets along and plays safely), and also tires them out so we’ll all get a good night’s sleep.

Play dates, especially among dogs of similar sizes and temperaments, can be a great supplement to walks, training sessions, and trips to the dog park.

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“The Last Waltz”

“The Last Waltz” may not be the greatest name for a used record sale, but at least it feels musical. And who knows? You’ll probably find some Strauss waltzes in the classical section, if that’s what you’re after.

Capital Public Radio has had a yearly used record sale fundraiser for the past umpteen years, but this one will be the last. The Record Sale Preview Party starts at 6:00 this evening. The sale continues through Sunday, and then everything must go.

Why will this be the last sale? Declining returns. It takes a heck of a lot of work to stage a sale like this one, and so many people these days aren’t collecting music in physical form. This is the age of the download, and people who do buy music tend to buy it online.

There’s been a massive shake-up in the record industry in the past decade, and record companies are struggling with relevancy in an age where almost anyone can produce a record at home with minimal equipment, and distribute directly to their listeners via downloads or small press-runs of CDs. There’s also a retro movement where some artists are distributing albums on vinyl. Where it will all end is uncertain, but we do know for certain that the Capital Public Radio Used Record & CD Sale will end Sunday.

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