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Joey Jones is the published author and editor of many newspaper and magazine articles, radio stories, advertisements and commentaries, and has ghostwritten everything from speeches to love letters. She is a past Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting semifinalist and Fade In: Screenwriting Awards quarterfinalist. She also gathers sound and conducts interviews as a freelance field producer in the Sacramento area, and her on-air performance as “The Dying Fish” can be heard in the Water Education commercial series.

Mark Jones makes a living producing radio shows (like Connections on Capital Public Radio’s Music Station). As Martin Jenkins, he’s heard weekday evenings on CapRadio’s four news stations, and Sunday mornings on 91.3FM KUOP Stockton/Modesto. Mark has also sung, acted and directed local theater and TV.


We’re about the story. Whether it’s the facts and figures of nonfiction, or the deeper truth of fiction, we want to find just the right words, sounds, and/or images to get it across.

We’re also about the process. “Do the work right, and on time.” Life’s too short to make things harder than they have to be.


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Beauty and Art and Junk

Mark said this morning, “I was just thinking about the difference between beauty and art. Art is deliberate. Beauty can happen without an artist. Art may not be beautiful, but there is thought involved.”  Conversations like this are part of why I love Mark.

Intent is at the core of art. For me, the main difference between art and crafts is communication. The artist is trying to express something (which implies an audience, and an attempt to communicate some idea). Crafts are created for the satisfaction of creating them, to make something useful, or pretty, or both, but they aren’t really trying to communicate ideas.

Which doesn’t make them less valuable. It gives me an itch when someone dismisses something as  crafting, not creating art. There is value in making useful and/or beautiful things, even if you have no deeper intention. And there is no particular medium that is by definition art or craft. Painting, quilting, jewelry, sculpture, film, etc. can be craft or art, and either is good.

So that’s what I’m meditating on today, perfect for a rainy Saturday.  I’m also turning internal handsprings. I saw our listing on the official San Francisco Travel Association website. There’s something about seeing it listed. There’s more to the class than the listing. I’ve decided to bring samples of other things that can be made using repurposed/recycled items. There is a lot of good materials out there waiting, and beautiful things to be made. It it art or craft? I leave that to you. But making it, and seeing it, is fun. http://www.sftravel.com/article/event-calendar/?entry=ataglance#/event/6257068-make-a-love-bead-safe-harbor-pin?radius_miles=25&location=94112-san-francisco&sections=all&date=2017-06-03

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Peace Waves

The 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” is this year. I’ve been drawing peace symbols, partially because of that and partially because recent events have a lot of us feeling jumpy, and being jumpy isn’t ground where peace grows well.

I’ve also been drawing a lot of rainbows. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and renewal. Also, I have friends who are LGBTQI, and they’ve been feeling pretty nervous. Hard on the heels of the legalization of gay marriage comes a backlash, and I’ve talked to people who have been threatened, or had friends threatened.

It’s never easy to be human, but sometimes it’s harder than usual.

So many battles from when I was a little kid in the 1960s are having to be fought again. The fight for civil rights is ongoing as someone is always trying to gain an unfair advantage by stomping on possible competition. They never seem to figure out that the people they’re stomping on are more likely to be potential customers, and that if you let everyone cook, there are more pies, so more opportunities to get more slices yourself.

Anyway, here’s the latest peace symbol from our Redbubble store, available on all sorts of things from stickers to clothing:

Peace Waves by IdeaJones


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Happy International Women’s Day! It’s a good time to reflect on the women who came before us. True, it’s tough to be a woman sometimes (sometimes it’s tough to be a man, but for now, let’s ignore that familiar urge to put everyone else first).  We still don’t earn as much for the same work.

We still get grabbed, catcalled and generally harassed (FYI dude, I don’t care what you think about how I look. I just don’t. Feel free to keep it to yourself). We get “now you can be/do anything!” along with “but you have to be hot, as defined by everyone but you!” I’m old enough to remember Charlie’s Angels, the fictional crimefighters who tottered around in high heels and clingy outfits, flipping their perfect hair while catching bad guys. Tee hee!  Even now, female superheroes dress in glorified swimsuits and cheerleader outfits. We are “empowered” somehow by using our sexuality to beg for approval.  Our own President defines women according to whether or not he’s attracted to them — that’s their value.

Unless you just decide to live life on your own terms and pick your own role models. Go see “Hidden Figures.” Read about the Suffragettes. Remember you are the descendant of women who started new lives in unfamiliar places, raised crops, livestock and kids, and made their way forward step by step. Somewhere in your past is a woman who just did not give up. Probably more than one. And you can be that woman for the generations that come after you. Wearing whatever you damn well please.

Available in our Redbubble.com shop.



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Why I Fly My Flag (Or Wear My Pin)

As you probably know, I make Safe Harbor pins and give them away. This has been an almost entirely positive experience. I have given them to young people, old people, people of every religion and none, of every color (it seems like I should say “and none” to balance the sentence, but truthfully, there are no colorless people. We’re all some shade of brown from pale tan to burnt umber). I’ve had people hug me, get teary-eyed, get excited… so it’s not the people getting or wearing the pins that are raising dust.

Most people I’ve met while doing this get it. It’s meaningful for them. Still there are a handful of malcontents who say that the Safe Harbor pin is “just a badge of white guilt,” and meaningless. They’re frustrated, angry and scared, so they’re lashing out, and making a big mistake.

No symbol, on its own, solves a problem. That isn’t what symbols do. To quote the Oxford Dictionary, a symbol is “a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.”  Safe Harbor pins are a symbol worn by people who want to act to solve the problems, as a reminder to themselves of their commitment, and a signal to others that they are not alone in the fight. That is the value. They offer a tiny bit of hope and unity in a divided, angry world. Humans have and create symbols because we need them.

When you are low, or feeling threatened and beaten, a kind word is far from meaningless. Seeing someone sporting a rainbow Safe Harbor pin, or any Safe Harbor pin, is a reminder that there are people, people you don’t even know, may never meet, who want you to be safe and well. I know this because I’ve been told just that by people who saw me wearing one, people who were feeling marginalized, as though their human dignity and worth was being questioned.  Of course, there must be actions behind that symbol, and there are. People calling on their elected representatives to act, to make changes. People marching, people gathering to help those in need. They are part of a movement that is just finding its feet. They wear their safety pins with pride, and I am one of them.

No one group is feeling more undervalued or disrespected. Point a direction and you are bound to hit someone who feels isolated and scared, for being female, for being gay, or transgendered, or an immigrant, or… There is good in reminding people that we share a common humanity, common concern for ourselves, our families and friends, our country, our world. That is what the Safe Harbor pin says. “We are both human and in this together.”

I’ve given pins to people who cried, who were at a low point when a kind word meant a lot. And I won’t stop making them. I won’t stop handing them out. I’ve seen the good it does. Symbols matter. Statements matter. They are the flag behind which a movement marches, and without movement, there is no improvement.

I am proud to wear my Safe Harbor pin, proud to give them out, to share encouragement and hope. It is my symbol, not of guilt, but of determination.

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Love Bead Safe Harbor Project Is On!

The Project Is On!

That thing is a finger, I swear. There’s no good time to have your hand slammed in a trunk lid and broken, but there are definitely *worse* times. Like when you’re trying to create 500 Safe Harbor Love Bead Pins.
Even so, the project is going forward. We’ve given away almost 100, and this week, the first “sponsored pins” go in the mail. Someone bought three sets of pins, sponsoring three more to be given away free.

The official GoFundMe is in the works, but as you can imagine, typing is very hard right now, so it’s taking longer. But it’s happening. More Safe Harbor pins are being given away. More hope is being spread. Broken Finger or no.

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