Fresh Intel

So I’m waiting for the train, and hear, “This is intel you acquired from Frank?”

Way to pique my interest there, Slick! I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I think they’re out to get me, but I’m not used to hearing that phrase anywhere except thriller/spy movies. Sure, they’re probably talking about some sales contract or a number that got left off a spreadsheet – but, goodness! Doesn’t “intel you acquired” sound juicy?

Maybe this person didn’t intend for me to overhear that particular bit of intel – maybe it never crossed his mind that anyone could hear. But fella, on a train platform, you never know who you’re standing next to (unless you’ve got some REALLY good intel!), so beware the consequences of your conversation. Maybe I’m not a journalist, but I know a whole passel of ’em who might be interested in following up on some hot “intel.”

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