Happy Halloween!

We’re all mad. The best people are. Happy Halloween!

Autumn is here, at last! I’m not a summer person, at least, not since I moved from Santa Cruz. Hot weather isn’t my thing. I like to pick when I get sweaty and when I don’t.  The temperature here is finally starting to slide into the 70s. And that means Halloween is almost here.

I love Halloween. Well, I love holidays in general. But Halloween? Right after Christmas, my favorite holiday. The idea of being able to don a costume and try on a different self is almost irresistible. As a kid, my mom made most of my costumes (she could really sew). I always had the best costumes. But one year, I asked to be a tomato. Yes, a tomato. I was about six. Why a tomato? It  had something to do with talking people into trick-or-treating together as a sandwich, as I recall.

Mom really tried. She would take it apart, start over, mumble to herself. Finally, she told me she wasn’t able to make me a tomato costume. There were things Mom couldn’t do? Since when? But she had made me a costume… Santa Claus. I did *not* want to go out as Santa on Halloween, but rather than disappoint Mom, I did.

I almost had to rent a truck to carry my haul that night. People were virtually throwing candy at me. “That’s so clever!”  “Ha, ha! A reminder of Christmas shopping? That’s the scariest costume I’ve seen all night!”

Here’s hoping your Halloween launches Awesome Autumn and  has the best treats, and only fun tricks.


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