Color For A Cause!


You can Color For A Cause wherever you are!

This is the second year we’ve put on Color For A Cause. You can participate wherever you are! All you do is draw (or print out and color) cards to be distributed at a local hospital or nursing home. We even have free artwork you can download, print and color (available for any non-commercial use, meaning no money changes hands), on our Facebook page,

This year, we’re donating cards to the local Shriners Hospital, to be given to kids who’ll be in the hospital over the holidays. Coloring makes a good break from holiday stress, and it’s also a good way to keep kids busy. Charities like Girls Love Mail ( ) love cards created by kids (even toddlers — you can always print the artist’s first name on the card).

White cardstock (available in any office supply store) works great, and you can fit two on a page. Envelopes aren’t necessary, but if you want to include them, size your cards 3.5″x5.5″ and add a box of 4″x6″ envelopes.

Messages? The basic guidelines are: nothing obscene, nothing overtly religious (you don’t know the recipient’s beliefs), and keep it positive. Short messages are just fine.

Thanks to this year’s participants, Sarah, Micaela, Eva, Mila, Harper, Patti, Antonia and Mark! The cards will be going to the hospital in a day or so.

There’s still time to do this wherever you are — a fun break for you and a nice surprise for someone else!

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