Just For Fun

In our copious free time (insert hysterical laugh), we do some things just for the fun of it. One of those things is music videos.

We’ve been lucky enough to be granted permission to use music from Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers, James Lee Stanley, and Peter Tork to create some fun music videos, which will put links to here as we create them.

We’re also creating some how-to videos on projects that anyone can do at home, or with a school group. Recycling is a “thing” with us (I’ve been known to spend a whole day deconstructing old video cassettes so the plastic cases can be recycled, and it’s possible to create really beautiful things using recycled materials.

My sculpture is made using recycled materials, but if you don’t have several months, or don’t see yourself as artistic, you can still make pretty pendants and ornaments using recycled paper. All you need is a few materials, most of which you probably have already, and a blender.


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